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Downtown BSBI Synagogue

BSBI is located in beautiful downtown Charleston, South Carolina. With tree-lined streets and a close walk to the main downtown core, BSBI is in an ideal location. Our address is 182 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403



BSBI Cemeteries in Charleston

Maryville Cemetery, in West Ashley on Sycamore Avenue off of Highway 61, is currently being used for funerals.

We have two older, historic cemeteries, Downtown in the Magnolia Cemetery district.  Neither cemetery is being used for new burials and each was used by the antecedent congregations to BSBI.

BSBI Maryville Cemetery Location

198 Sycamore Avenue, Charleston, SC 29407 (the location is approximate as there are no house numbers in the vicinity and is intended to aid locating the cemetery via your GPS)

Beth Israel Cemetery Location

Beth Israel is on the North side of Lemon near the corner with Skurvin. Lemon Street, Charleston, SC 29405

Brith Sholom Cemetery Location

Brith Sholom is a few hundred feet to the east, on the south side of Lemon. Lemon Street, Charleston, SC 29405

Important Note:

Both the Brith Sholom and Beth Israel cemeteries are located in the Magnolia cemetery district. This area has little to no through traffic and is frequently deserted; visitors ought to exercise appropriate caution when visiting.


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