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We are Charleston's largest orthodox synagogue and the oldest in continuous-use congregation in the country.

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: 7:00am
: 4:55pm

Candle Lighting

Friday, Dec 10, 4:56pm


Motzei Shabbat, Dec 11, 5:55pm
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Alot Hashachar 5:51am
Earliest Tallit 6:21am
Netz (Sunrise) 7:10am
Latest Shema 9:40am
Zman Tefillah 10:31am
Chatzot (Midday) 12:12pm
Mincha Gedola 12:37pm
Mincha Ketana 3:08pm
Plag HaMincha 4:11pm
Shkiah (Sunset) 5:14pm
Tzeit Hakochavim 5:54pm
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This Week's Kiddush is Sponsored by 


 the BSBI Sisterhood 

in Honor of 

Sara and Rabbi Scott Hoberman

´╗┐on the birth of their daughter, Yemima.


To sponsor a future Kiddush, please contact the office or contact the President at






Given the decrease in the number of Charleston area Covid cases, BSBI no longer requires mask wearing for anyone at our events and locations who has been vaccinated. Masks are still required for those who are not vaccinated. We will continue to monitor closely the Covid situation and make adjustments as appropriate.





Next Week's Events

Sunday Hot Breakfast Returns!






Tuesday Morning Breakfast

 After Shacharis

Bagels, Lox, Cream Cheese & Bourbon




Classes are back!

Tuesday Evening, 7:45pm at the Minyan House

Spirited Torah

The Weekly Parsha over Bourbon!




Women's Siddur Class

Now For Everyone

Thursday, 10:30am


Future Events


Chanukah Saturday Night!





New To The BSBI Library!


Dedicated in honor of Rebbitzen Judith Bleich by Harris Cohen

The Emancipation of European Jewry during the nineteenth century led to conflict between tradition and modernity, creating a chasm that few believed could be bridged. Unsurprisingly, the emergence of modern traditionalism was fraught with obstacles. The essays published in this collection eloquently depict the passion underlying the disparate views, the particular areas of vexing confrontation and the hurdles faced by champions of tradition.

The author identifies and analyzes the many areas of sociological and religious tension that divided the competing factions, including synagogue innovation, circumcision, intermarriage, military service and many others. With compelling writing and clear, articulate style, this illuminating work provides keen insight into the history and development of the various streams of Judaism and the issues that continue to divide them in contemporary times.


To donate and dedicate a book to the BSBI Library, please call the BSBI office at 843.577.6599.

Wed, December 8 2021 4 Tevet 5782