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Please contact Rabbi BART with any questions about our Eruv.

The downtown eruv, marked by the black line, includes many hotels, the College of Charleston and most of the Medical Center, as well as a good number of parks and historic sights.  MUSC’s Ashley River Tower is not in the eruv, but the main MUSC hospital is inside the eruv.  At this time, the main entrance to Roper Hospital on Calhoun Street is outside the eruv, but the eastern and northern sides of the Roper building are inside the eruv.  (The revolving door into the Roper emergency department is mechanical, and inside the eruv, and therefore should be used for non-emergencies.)

The South Windermere eruv in West Ashley, marked by the black line, includes the Minyan House and the South Windermere neighborhood.

Please note that many of the streets that form the perimeter are outside of the eruv.  Therefore these streets should be avoided on Shabbat.

Anything marked with red lines is not currently in the eruv.

Click Here for a printer friendly Eruv map, or see below for Google Map of the Eruv below.

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